General conditions

The following translation is furnished for comfort use only. The French version is the only one to be considered and valuable against Keytoko.




The acquisition of a product or service from Keytoko companies and/or the reservation of accommodation or a service through one of the websites owned by Keytoko companies constitutes full and unreserved acceptance of the these general conditions, the French version of which takes precedence over any translation.




Keytoko, a socially and humanly committed company, observes the rules of the Code of Deontology and Ethics for real estate agents as well as the principles of its Charter which govern its action and interactions: /2024/03/Charter.pdf


Keytoko provides an online platform as well as various tools, services and functions that allow users to reserve the properties presented. These general rental conditions apply to users of the site and travelers contracting a rental with Keytoko.

Both access and navigation on the site and use of Keytoko services entails the full acceptance of the user and the traveler to the general rental conditions and the acceptance by the user and the traveler without reservation of the entirety of their provisions.

The general rental conditions are applicable for the entire duration of navigation and access of the user to the site and for the entire duration of use of the services by the traveler.

Keytoko reserves the right to modify the general rental conditions. The modifications made will be applicable from the time they are put online on the site. The user and the traveler are therefore invited to check the site regularly to stay informed of any modifications or updates to the general rental conditions.


For all properties offered for rental, Keytoko acts under a management mandate which expressly authorizes it to carry out all acts necessary for the day-to-day management, maintenance and conservation of the accommodation and the furniture furnishing it. in the name and on behalf of their owners.

The execution of the contractual obligations of the rental contract entered into by Keytoko, in its capacity as agent, is therefore the responsibility of its principals, the owners of the accommodation.

As an agent, except gross misconduct or serious negligence, Keytoko is not personally liable towards third parties as long as it acts within the limits of its mandate.

Article 1- Definitions


For the purposes of these conditions, the following terms are used with the meaning and scope defined below, in both the masculine and feminine genders and both the singular and plural:


- “Users”: Users are defined as natural persons, or representatives of legal entities, using the website and the platform and accepting without reservation the conditions governing this use.


- “Customers”: Customers are natural or legal persons who reserve one of the accommodations offered on the platform by Keytoko and form a contract for this purpose.


- “Platform” or “Site”: For the present, the platform is materialized by the website or any other website distributed by Keytoko.


- “Keytoko”: Refers to the simplified joint stock company Keytoko or its parent company, the limited liability company Keytoko, a group of companies signing the contract with the users and the customer.


- “Reservation”: Action of retaining accommodation for a specific period and according to the terms of these conditions.


- “Contract”: Qualifies the agreement binding the Customer or user and the owner of the accommodation, through Keytoko acting in its capacity as agent. Said Contract is deemed to be formed by these general conditions as well as specific conditions mentioned in the announcement of the marketing of the accommodation and in the reservation request made by the customer.


- “Deposit”: Sum of money paid by the customer in advance for their reservation, non-refundable, non-recoverable and to be used on the total price (the payment of the deposit thus implies the commitment of the parties to execute their respective obligations).





Article 2e – Scope and purpose


The purpose of these general conditions is to define the rights and obligations of accommodation owners and their Customers in the context of all online Reservations relating to properties offered for short-stay rental on the Site.

It is expressly specified that the properties offered for rental on the Site are not intended for premises intended for main residential use or for mixed professional and main residential use. The Client may not, under any circumstances, claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental period.

initially provided for in the Contract. Consequently, the parties agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by the stipulations of this contract, by the decree of December 28, 1976 as amended and failing that by the provisions of the civil code. The premises covered by this contract are rented furnished on a seasonal basis.


The Customer declares to have read these general conditions and accept them without reservation before validating the Reservation.


Keytoko reserves the right to adapt or modify, at any time, these general conditions. Customers are invited to consult them regularly in order to be aware of the changes made applicable as soon as they are put online.

The applicable general conditions are those in force on the day of entry into the accommodation (the “check-in”) by the Client.


Article 3e – Characteristics of housing


Keytoko strives to describe and present the accommodation offered for rental with the greatest possible accuracy. The advertisements include a description of the accommodation, its location, its level of comfort, its main characteristics, its equipment and, where applicable, its tourist classification.


In addition to these objective elements, the Client will be able to consult all the reviews left by former tenants of a property. These reviews, from different booking platforms, have been compiled without intentional moderation by Keytoko.

However, errors or omissions may occur. The information and photographs are therefore given for information only and cannot be considered contractual.

Consequently, Keytoko cannot be held liable in the event of inaccuracy, imprecision or defect noted on site or on document.


As part of its commitments for better quality travel, Keytoko allows travelers to report all problems related to the condition of the premises, cleanliness, availability of accommodation or its equipment within 2 hours after entry. in the premises, and at the latest until the first day of the stay at 11 p.m., on the Traveler Support address (


Keytoko reviews the evidence provided and makes every effort to offer the best solution to the problems expressed. The traveler expressly accepts that a refund can only be offered as a last resort and upon production of sufficient documentation, failing which, Keytoko will make every effort to guarantee the smooth running of the stay or rehousing, failing that.


Article 4e – Availability and duration of occupancy


The Site offers the Customer the possibility of checking the availability of accommodation. Keytoko makes every effort to ensure that actual availability is updated as quickly as possible.


However, the difference between the information visible on the Site and the reality of availability cannot engage the responsibility of Keytoko, nor give rise to any right to compensation.

In the event of a conflict between two reservations (“overbooking”), Keytoko must honor the reservation with the greatest prior history.

In the event of unavailability of reserved and paid accommodation, the Customer will be informed by Keytoko as soon as it becomes aware of the difficulty. In the absence of an alternative solution found and accepted by the parties, the reimbursement of the sums already paid will then be made, without further compensation.


The minimum length of stays - variable depending on the accommodation selected - is specified in the online announcement on the Site. A shorter stay is possible, subject to accommodation availability and agreement given without justification by Keytoko.


As part of seasonal rental, stays cannot exceed 90 (ninety) nights.

In certain cases, particularly for stays lasting more than 3 months, Keytoko may offer the Customer, after verification of supporting documents and identity documents, the signing of a specific lease (mobility lease, civil lease, etc.).

In this case, the conditions of said lease will prevail over these general rental conditions.


Article 5e – Formation of a rental and reservation contract


The Customer must have reached the minimum age of 18 years at the time of the Reservation.

Keytoko cannot be held responsible in any way if the Customer lies or provides incorrect information in the context of the formation of this Contract.


In order to make the Reservation, the Customer must follow the following steps:

enter the address of the Site and/or be directed via a search engine;
follow the instructions on the Site, choose the accommodation of your choice, from the online ad catalog or using the search tool;
complete the Reservation form appearing on the Site, it being specified that in the event of prolonged inactivity during connection, the availability of the selected accommodation

mentioned is no longer guaranteed. The Client is then invited to restart their accommodation selection from the beginning.
check the elements of the Reservation and, where applicable, identify and correct errors;
read and accept these general conditions by clicking on the location indicated on the Site;
validate the Reservation, its possible options and its Total Price;
follow the instructions of the online payment server to pay the Deposit and/or the Total Price, make the required Security deposit;

Acceptance of the general conditions, online provision of the Customer's bank details and final validation of the Reservation:


will result in the sending of a confirmation e-mail from Keytoko, it being understood that if the Customer has not made the full payment and deposited the Deposit, the reservation is not deemed confirmed;

will constitute signature and express acceptance of the rental price, the description of the accommodation and the services offered and/or selected and of all the operations carried out (1) and proof of the formation of a Rental Contract according to the applicable regulations, and in particular a seasonal rental contract as governed by the Tourism Code.
However, Keytoko reserves the right to refuse the Reservation if it is abnormal, made in bad faith or for any other legitimate reason, and more particularly when there is a dispute with the Client and/or one of its designated occupants.


The information system operated by Keytoko and its computerized registers are the only admissible elements as proof of a reservation and its historicity, in accordance with article 1379 of the Civil Code.


Article 6e – Transfer and subletting


The rental contract is concluded intuitu personae for the benefit of the sole traveler identified at the time of booking.


Any assignment of this rental contract, any total or partial subletting, any provision (even free of charge), is strictly prohibited.

The traveler cannot leave the use of the premises, even free of charge and/or by loan, to a person outside his household.


In the event of non-compliance with this provision, the customer will be asked to leave the premises, voluntarily or with the assistance of force, immediately and without being able to demand reimbursement or compensation.


Keytoko may assign the contract to its possible subsidiaries, subcontractors, partners without informing the Customer as long as the terms and conditions of this contractual package remain unchanged.


Article 7e – Rental price and services


The price of the rental and services is indicated on the Site per accommodation and per service. At the time of validation of the Reservation, the Total Price displayed and accepted by the Customer includes:


- the sum of the value of the nights reserved;

- current consumption charges, namely: TV charges, internet access and energy consumption (water, electricity, gas). Keytoko and/or its principals are not responsible for a malfunction of any of these services, although as diligent professionals, they will do their utmost to restore and/or replace any dysfunctional services. Travelers undertake to use reasonably, “as a good father” the energy consumption included in the rental, so any abnormally high consumption would give rise to additional billing at a later date;

- the tourist tax collected by Keytoko and paid to local authorities (in accordance with article L 2333-29 of the CGCT).

Its amount may vary depending on the type of accommodation and the location of the accommodation. Exempt from this tax are: people under the age of 18, holders of a seasonal employment contract employed in the municipality, people benefiting from emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing, or who occupy premises managed by associations whose rent is less than an amount that the municipal council determines. The Customer who has unduly paid the tourist tax even though he considers himself exempt from it must assert his right with Keytoko before the end of the current month and provide supporting documents for a situation giving rise to exemption in order to be reimbursed for the tourist tax;

- service fees collected by Keytoko in order to guarantee the structural operating costs of the platform, the technological tools used and therefore the amount is freely determined by Keytoko and indicated in the reservation processor;

- the compulsory or optional services selected and in particular:

o the supply of household linen (towels, sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, tea towels, etc.)

o an end-of-stay cleaning service is obligatorily invoiced for any rental regardless of its due date.

ree. Its amount depends on the accommodation selected, please refer to the online advertisement on the Site. Additional cleaning services can be carried out and invoiced at the Customer's request.


Article 8e – Payment terms


Payment for the reservation is, in principle, made in full by credit card at the end of the reservation process.

The transaction is immediately debited from the Customer's bank card after verification of the card's data, upon receipt of the debit authorization from the company issuing the bank card used.

In accordance with article L. 132-2 of the Monetary and Financial Code, the commitment to pay given by means of a payment card is irrevocable.

The Customer communicates the 16 digits and the expiry date of the credit card used as well as, where applicable, the numbers of the visual cryptogram. He may be required to carry out external operations, via his banking establishment, in order to authenticate the transaction, in accordance with DSP/DSP2 standards.


Keytoko may grant the Customer the option of paying the balance of their reservation in several payment transactions.

These possible payment facilities constitute neither a discount nor an acquired right for the future and Keytoko may, for reasons validly justified to the Customer, require at any time the payment of the entire amount and the revocation of this ease, particularly in the event of a payment incident.


In the absence of payment according to the terms provided, either by a specific agreement between the parties, or according to this Contract, Keytoko is free to reserve the accommodation for another Client, without being liable for any compensation or compensation.


In the event that the debit of all or part of the Total Price would be impossible, the Rental Contract would be immediately terminated automatically and the Reservation canceled. The Customer would then be reimbursed for any sums already paid, after deducting the service fees collected by Keytoko.


Keytoko implements all means to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data transmitted.


The Customer will benefit from the reductions appearing in the online advertisement catalog, which are either one-off (last minute offers) or relating to the duration of the rental (decreasing daily price depending on the length of the stay).


As part of its promotional campaigns, Keytoko reserves the right to distribute discount coupons. The Customer must enter the corresponding code when booking online. Keytoko discount vouchers are valid on the Site only and cannot be used on any other.

In all cases, a discount voucher is not applicable to an order already being processed. Furthermore, Keytoko discount vouchers are neither refundable nor cumulative and may have an expiration date.


Article 9e – Security deposit


Keytoko protects its teams and accommodation by collecting a security deposit from Customers. It is intended to cover possible damage to the accommodation and the furniture furnishing it, possible losses and thefts, lack of maintenance and cleaning, overconsumption of fluids, damage to common areas, harm to persons and all violations of this Contract.

In the event of proven damage, this sum will be collected in full and the Customer could be sued in order to repair the damage up to the actual loss.


The security deposit can be deposited upon reservation, only by credit card. We reserve the right to close access to the rental if the security deposit is not paid, at the latest, the value of the stay.

No cash guarantee, check or bank transfer will be accepted.

No key will be given without full payment of the reserved services as well as the security deposit.


Keytoko chooses a partner in the management of its security deposits, this partner can offer an imprint on the Bank Card without affecting the payment ceiling, a pledge of the sum or a blocking of the sum on the Bank Card.

Keytoko cannot in any way be held responsible for the technical arrangements made as part of the security deposit.


The deposit will be returned to the Traveler, no later than 30 days after their departure, less:


- possible damage,

- the cost of restoring the premises,

- additional cleaning

- replacement of lost objects,

- replacement of lost keys,

- travel costs,

- the intervention of a craftsman,


In the event that it has to make deductions from the security deposit, Keytoko reserves the right to invoice the Customer, in addition, administrative and disaster management costs amounting to €30 (if the m

amount retained is less than €100) or 10% of the total amount retained (if this is greater than €101).

The list of prices charged by Keytoko is available on request at and in the appendix.


Article 10e – Access to housing


The Customer reserves the accommodation for a period determined in the reservation confirmation, he or she has access to the accommodation from 5 p.m. on the first day of reservation and until 11 a.m. on the last day of reservation.

The Client may not, under any circumstances, claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.


The terms of access to the accommodation are indicated by Keytoko in the description of the accommodation or in the reservation confirmation.


If the accommodation is equipped with an autonomous arrival system, then the Traveler will be able to enter the premises independently.

If not, a member of the Keytoko team will check-in at the time agreed with the Traveler, between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Any arrivals outside these times give rise to additional invoicing which must be paid before arrival.

These schedules could be imposed on travelers during busy days (such as summer Saturdays, for example) in order to satisfy as many people as possible while respecting cleaning and disinfection protocols before and after each arrival and departure.


The late Traveler must notify the Keytoko agent responsible for welcoming them as soon as possible.

Keytoko agents are not required to wait for Travelers who are more than 1 hour late. In this case, the Customer will be considered as having not shown up and will not be able to claim any refund or compensation.


Article 11e – Inventory and inventory


The Traveler, under cover of the Client, may submit to Keytoko within 2 hours of entering the premises an inventory and/or inventory at the start of the rental which, if not contested by Keytoko within 24 hours, is deemed accepted.


The Client and, where applicable, the Traveler, is responsible and assumes full responsibility for their own acts and omissions.

When leaving the accommodation, the apartment and its furniture must be in the same condition as that noted on the day of entry into the premises.

The Client must in particular have carried out the following tasks:


dishes cleaned, dried and put away;
household appliances cleaned;
bins emptied in accordance with sorting (in particular removal of glass);
furniture put back in place.

Keytoko cannot personally verify the premises and inventory in the presence of the Customer. The inventory is systematically carried out after the departure of the occupying Client and before the arrival of the next Client, or in the event of non-recovery, within 48 hours.

An abnormal state of maintenance and/or repair will result in an automatic withholding of the security deposit billed at €35 per hour as well as possible additional costs (such as ozone disinfection in the event of an odor tobacco, cleaning of dishes billed per item, etc.)

Keytoko estimates the cost of the restoration diligently and reasonably, justifying it with photos in particular.

The disappearance or obvious deterioration of the equipment and/or furniture linked to unusual use will result in a deduction from the security deposit equivalent to the replacement of the damaged equipment without application of obsolescence.

Any departure after the agreed cut-off time, and in the absence of an exemption, any departure after 11 a.m., will result in the invoicing of a penalty of €30/hour started. An unauthorized departure, after 3 p.m., results in addition to the penalty, the billing of an additional night.


The Customer booking on behalf of a third party, an additional traveler, minor or adult, capable or incapable, assumes full and complete responsibility for the actions of the Traveler for whom he made the reservation.


Article 12e – Insurance


The traveler is required to be responsible for rental risks and to compensate Keytoko for any possible damage and/or harm for which he is liable.

As such, he must have insurance covering “rental risks” (responsibility of the tenant towards the owner) and benefit from a so-called “resort” clause stipulated in the policy of his main residence. .


Keytoko is entitled not to require the provision of said policy by the Client, however the latter is obliged to be duly insured during their stay.

Keytoko cannot be held liable in any way if the Client had provided incorrect information when concluding this Contract.


When making a reservation on the Site, the Customer may be offered or required to take out cancellation insurance for the stay covering all or part of any possible damage caused. This insurance cannot in any way replace the obligations of the Cl

ient, including the obligations arising from the first paragraphs of this article.






Article 13e – Conditions of occupancy


The Client acknowledges that the rental is only granted to him for temporary residence and pleasure, a major condition without which this rental would not have been granted to him.

He will occupy the premises personally and as a good father. No commercial or professional activity may be carried out on the premises.


The accommodation is equipped with sufficient furniture to accommodate the maximum number of people specified in the Rental Agreement. Without prior agreement from Keytoko, the provision of additional beds and the accommodation of additional people are not authorized, it being specified that one child counts as one person.

Otherwise, the Contract will be terminated immediately without reimbursement.

For obvious safety or health reasons, minors unaccompanied by one of their legal administrators within the meaning of the Civil Code are not admitted.


The Client undertakes to:


respect the internal or co-ownership regulations, the content of which will be indicated to them - if necessary - upon their arrival, otherwise and particularly if the intervention of Keytoko becomes necessary, the tenants are exposed to invoicing for said interventions as well as any related costs, without limit of amount and up to the costs of paying said invoices;

respect the tranquility of the neighborhood by occupying the premises peacefully at any time of the day or night;

not organize parties or similar events, such as the organization of a party, overoccupancy of the accommodation (characterized by a number of occupants greater than the number of occupants declared in the reservation), daytime noise or nighttime exposes the Customer to the payment of additional costs for the possible intervention of security teams;

do not smoke inside the accommodation, it being understood that it is also forbidden to smoke in the open windows (or bays) of the accommodation;

do not bring in animals (unless express authorization from Keytoko);

do not bring any furniture, with the exception of linen and small objects;

not make any modification or change in the arrangement of furniture and premises;

allow repairs to be carried out in the rented premises which become urgent and necessary during the rental, and which do not allow them to be postponed;

immediately inform Keytoko of any disaster or damage occurring in the rented premises, even if no apparent damage results;

immediately inform Keytoko of any difficulty in use or problem encountered;

use the internet connection and the Wifi network in accordance with the principles respectful of the internet, thus, the Customer releases Keytoko from any liability in the case of inappropriate use. The Client and the Traveler, where applicable, may not in any way use the internet for illicit, prohibited and illegal purposes, disrupt the services and/or accessible content and/or data, make purchases via the integrated service, distribute or disclose the elements allowing a non-rental user to identify themselves on the WIFI network;

respect and observe the greatest respect for Keytoko, its principals, agents and subcontractors, it being understood that any aggression towards Keytoko personnel and/or operating under its cover will be liable to prosecution.

Keytoko, its principals, agents and subcontractors are not responsible in the event of loss and/or theft (including money), damage to personal property, damage or bodily injury caused to the Customer as well as for deprivations and reductions in enjoyment not resulting from of his doing.

The Client refuses to hold Keytoko, its principals, agents and subcontractors liable in said circumstances.


Article 14e – Right of withdrawal


Reservations made are mandatory according to the regulations in force.

Indeed, the right of withdrawal within 14 days provided for by article L 121-20-4 of the Consumer Code is not applicable to Contracts having as their object the provision of accommodation services (article L. 221- 28 of the Consumer Code).


Article 15e – Cancellation, interruption, force majeure and refunds


The Customer who cancels the Reservation, except in cases of force majeure, must pay the entire cost of the rental.


The Customer will benefit from a refund in the following situations:


administrative decision prohibiting the Client from moving to the rented property;
administrative decision prohibiting tourist rentals in the municipality of the rented property;
administrative decision leading to the cancellation of the customer's transport ticket;
death of a loved one or serious illness learned in the 7 days preceding the stay (first degree of relationship);

large-scale natural trophies or serious weather incidents in the place of destination or departure;
obligations of government origin imposed by the authorities after the reservation (e.g. jury summons);

In order to be able to justify the cancellation of a reservation to the owner of the accommodation, Keytoko reserves the right to ask the Customer for any documents to justify their reimbursement request.


Any reimbursement request must be made by the Customer no later than 7 days before their arrival in the accommodation.

For any reimbursement request made by the Customer less than 7 days before their arrival, Keytoko will reserve the right to ask them for additional documents to prove that the event triggering the reimbursement


refund request was made less than 7 days before arrival.

Otherwise, the refund request will be refused.


If the Client has still not arrived two days after the initially planned arrival date, Keytoko may, as of right, re-rent the accommodation while retaining the right to take action against the Client, and in particular to demand from him the full rent due for the reserved period.


Any stay started is due in full. No refund will be made in the event of premature departure of Customers during the rental period.


Keytoko reserves the right to terminate the contract, without the Customer being able to request compensation, in the event of a serious or repeated violation of one of the clauses of these general rental conditions.


If one of the essential elements of the Rental Agreement can no longer be provided following an event of force majeure or external to Keytoko, it must be notified as quickly as possible to the Customer, who will have the following option:

- either the termination of the Contract and the reimbursement of the sums paid without penalty or costs;

- either acceptance of the proposed modification, knowing that, if the rental amount is lower than the initial one, the remaining balance due will be recalculated and if the Customer has already paid in full, the overpayment will be returned to him as soon as acceptance of the modification of the Contract.


In any event, Keytoko will not be responsible for the proper execution of the Contract as long as it provides proof of the Client's fault, the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party or a case of force majeure.


Article 17e – Confidentiality and data protection


In accordance with law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978, relating to data processing, files and freedoms known as “Informatique et Libertés”, Keytoko files have been declared to the CNIL.

Keytoko undertakes to never communicate the Customer's individual personal data except to the owner of the accommodation reserved and to the service providers requested for the proper execution of the Contract (reception, delivery and collection of keys, cleaning, laundry, etc.).

This data will be considered confidential by Keytoko and its service providers. They will be used only by Keytoko and its service providers, for processing the Reservation and to strengthen and personalize communication and the accommodation offer.


Personal information relating to Customers will never be disseminated without their authorization to third parties for commercial purposes. In the event that the Customer consents to communicate such information, he has an individual right of access, withdrawal and rectification and, subject to the applicable legal provisions for deletion of data, the data controller being Mr. Jordan Boissière-Navarro, manager of SARL Keytoko and general director of SAS Keytoko - 10 rue du Cagire 31 100 Toulouse.


Article 18e – Complaint and amicable settlement


Any possible complaint must be made immediately by any means then sent to Keytoko by registered mail to the postal address indicated in the preamble to these general conditions. Otherwise, complaints cannot be taken into account.


For each complaint, Keytoko will try to provide appropriate solutions through an amicable settlement.


In the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties, the Consumer Customer within the meaning of the law may contact the mediator designated by Keytoko: Société de Médiation Professionnelle – Médiateurs Associés, 24 rue Albert de Mun 33 000 Bordeaux.


Article 19e – Intellectual protection


Use of the Site does not confer any intellectual property rights on the Site and/or its content to users.


The Site and each of the elements that compose it (such as brands, logos, designs and models, texts, trees, photographs, illustrations, images, diagrams, software, animations, soundtracks, texts), including the software elements necessary for operation of the Site, databases

s and newsletter may contain confidential information and data protected by intellectual property law or any other applicable law.

Thus, unless otherwise stated on the Site, the intellectual property rights on the content are the exclusive property of Keytoko.


In accordance with the Intellectual Property Code, any representation or reproduction of all or part of the content of the Site made without the consent of its owner is illegal. Violation of this clause constitutes an infringement within the meaning of the Intellectual Property Code, which constitutes an offense punishable by 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros.






Article 20e – Independence of clauses and non-waiver


If any of the stipulations of these general rental conditions is void, it will be deemed unwritten, but will not result in the nullity of these general rental conditions in their entirety, unless it is a clause which was decisive for one of the Parties on the date of their entry into force.

However, the validity of the general rental conditions will not be affected if the Parties agree to substitute, for the determining void clause, a valid clause reflecting their initial intention.


No waiver by either Party to avail itself of any of its rights in accordance with the terms of the general rental conditions can constitute a waiver for the future of said rights.

The Parties accept and recognize as valid proof that can be produced in court, any exchange by email between them.


Article 21e – Choice of domicile and competent jurisdiction


In the event of a dispute arising, the parties undertake to implement an amicable negotiation procedure to find an amicable solution.


In the absence of such an amicable settlement, the parties elect domicile at the headquarters of Keytoko – 10 rue du Cagire 31 100 Toulouse.

Thus, the Parties will submit all disputes, even in the event of a warranty claim or multiple defendants, to which this contract could give rise, whether for their validity, their interpretation, their execution or their termination, to the Commercial Court. of Toulouse, except for cases where the dispute falls within the jurisdiction of the Toulouse Judicial Court. Any dispute relating to the interpretation and execution of these general conditions is subject to French law.











Appendix – Indicative prices as of August 1, 2023


- Arrival before the reference check-in time:

30€/hour started within the limit of 850€.


- Departure after the reference check-out time:

30€/hour started within the limit of 1500€.


- Disposal of bagged waste:



- Disposal of waste and unbagged remains:



- Cleaning/dishwashing:



- Ozone disinfection following tobacco odor:

150€ (package) + rate of the following night blocked by necessity


- Deterioration of linen requiring replacement:



- Additional cleaning:

35€/hour of cleaning started within the limit of 1500€.


- Replacement of a damaged object:

New value (unless more than 50% obsolete) + labor €55/hour


- Damage requiring maintenance/renovation work:

Value of craftsman or expert + work monitoring 10% value of the claim


- Fees for managing a security deposit deduction:

30€ (flat rate) if the claim is less than 100€ or 10% of the value of the claim if the value exceeds 101€